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I own CR Glass and i refer several of my customers to them every month. They have great prices and the work they do is amazing. It's definitely an art to work with glass the way they do. I don't recommend many companies to my customers but they are definitely worth recommending.

My husband was in search of someone that would help repair the stained glass at his employer which is a cemetery in Ontario, CA. It was a blessing to find someone so informative because my husband had no experience in this field. Now he is repairing and having fun doing it. Both of us had been to the store yesterday which was amazing. It's not just stained glass but also antiques and Christmas items that are cute and different. This store is a must see!!!!

If your are ever in the market for ANYTHING to do with stained glass at all (ie. windows, doors etc.) please do yourself a favor and come and check out this business. George has been around a long time and is a professional beyond compare. Besides making beautiful glass work he also does phenomenal wood work! Custom cabinets, frames, anything out of wood. STRICTLY PROFESSIONAL!! He has such a wonderful heart and caring spirit for his clientele. We will continue to recommend this business to everyone we come in contact with.

Met George when I was looking for someone to do the patina finish for two stain glass windows that my husband, due to his age, could not complete. He did a beautiful job. I love looking through his store. He not only has stain glass doors and windows, but many antique radios, as well as picture frames. He also customizes cabinets, and preps them for glass inserts. As my husband is no longer in the glass business. I've been recommending George if anyone needs this type of service. Very professional and his wife's a great person too!